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Kilgro & Associates Inc.

Here at Kilgro & Associates, our mission is to help clients achieve their dreams by providing the protection required to overcome life’s challenges, and the guidance needed to thrive!

Meet the Team

John Kilgro

Agency Owner, CEO, President

I grew up in Ft Payne AL. I have 33 years of experience in the Insurance Industry. I spent my first 10 years in claims. As the owner, it excites me to work with our staff in their development and assist them with the opportunity to grow in our profession. I never feel like I go to work. It excites me each morning to wake up and spend time with our staff and building client relationships. I love spending time relaxing on my boat or playing a round of golf. I am passionate about non-profits that assist with feeding the poor and homeless.

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Paul Martin

Associate Agent, Farm/Agribusiness/Commercial/Financial/Life Specialist

I grew up in Decatur, AL. I played baseball and hockey until I graduated High School. I have 20 years in the industry. Through estate planning, retirement planning, and Long Term Care Insurance I can ensure peace of mind for your future and your beneficiaries. I have a network of respected estate lawyers and accountants to help me help you. I apprenticed under a Le Cordon Bleu graduate and love to cook. Seafood is my specialty. I have been Santa for 11 years. I love to see the magic in the eyes of the children and their parents! Most weekends you can nd me playing dominos, grilling, and bird watching in the backyard. I have been honored to be Santa for numerous nonprofit t and special needs groups for a decade.

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Aleyda Schwaiger

Associate Agent, Commercial/General Liability/Workers Comp/Bi-lingual Specialist (Spanish)

I am originally from Honduras Central America, I graduated in San Pedro Sula the Industrial Capital of Honduras. I graduated as a commercial secretary, I studied marketing for one year, I also was involved in the ecotourism group in which we teach and learn how to protect the beautiful natural environment of my beautiful Honduras. I have been working in this industry since 2010 and love every bit of it because I am a people person and like to help anyone the best I can. My customers are my priority, and I am engaged to provide a great and outstanding service for them. I am passionate about helping people and insure them properly. When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with God and my family. I love to spend time reading the word of God to learn more about him. I acknowledge God in all my ways because he is the key to all my success. When I am not working, I can be found at home spending quality time with my husband and our animals. I have a ministry with the kids in Honduras and every time I go there, I do things for the kids. I am also an animal lover and when I retire, I want to open a shelter to help and feed stray animals.

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Lynn Kimbrel

Account Manager

I grew up in Prattville. I started in a file department with an insurance company, then I moved to coding. The ability to provide the policyholder the coverage they are needing with a reasonable premium is one of the most rewarding parts of the job. I love gardening, planting powers, and landscaping my yard is my passion. I’m currently remodeling a 1950’s lake home and I’m doing most of the work myself-minus any major construction. During the Summer I’m outside in my yard and in the winter I’m out going to estate sales!

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Steadman Rutherford

Associate Agent, Farm/Agribusiness/Commercial Specialist

I grew up in Hatton, AL and I have been in the insurance industry for 4 years. I specialize in Farm & Agribusiness insurance. What most excites me is the ability to offer my customers a superior service and a superior product. I enjoy being a father and watching my children grow and learn and all things agriculture-related. When Im not working, you can find me working on my family’s farm, and spending time with my wife and kids.

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Melanie Tyson

Account Manager

I grew up in a small town just south of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I attended Penn State University for 4 years and graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Human Development and Family Sciences. I have been in the insurance industry for 3 1/2 years, I handle mostly personal lines accounts and assist with our agency’s marketing management, phone system, and social media accounts. What most excites me is helping to grow our agency while providing excellent service to our clients. Helping families get the coverages they need is our main focus! Outside of the office, I love being a mom and watching my daughters grow and learn. I may also be a tad obsessed with my pets, especially my dog. I have played volleyball throughout grade school, high school, college, and currently play in an adult league. When I’m not at the office, I can usually be found at home, playing outside with my kids. My favorite way to spend a weekend is with family and friends. I also enjoy donating to animal shelters.

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Cynthia Espinoza

Personal Lines Account Manager, Bi-Lingual Specialist (Spanish)

I was born and raised in Orange, California. I completed 3 years of community college in general education. My experience in the insurance industry began in September of 2016 and so far, I enjoy it very much. What I love about my job is the fact that, by being bilingual, I can help the Hispanic community with their insurance needs and explain exactly how the insurance works. Personally, I enjoy my time being with my sons, sometimes at home having movie nights and/or when it’s possible we go to a skating rink or the trampoline parks. A guilty pleasure would be that I love chocolate! I can NEVER say NO to Chocolate! I have always been interested in helping others. Whether it is a family member, a friend, or even if I bump into someone at a store where they are struggling communicating with others because of the language barrier! When I’m not working, I am usually at home relaxing.

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Jennifer Little

Associate Agent, Personal Lines Specialist

I grew up in Huntsville and Toronto, and I was a ceramics major at JSU. I am new to the insurance industry, I joined the agency a few months ago and I am excited to learn and grow as a producer. I have been in sales for a decade and truly enjoy connecting with people and showing the value a certain product has to them. It builds trust. Outside of my professional life, I really enjoy all things cooking! I grew up in the kitchen, my mom started teaching me to cook gourmet meals when I was 13. I never stopped learning different types of cuisine. I use my creativity in the kitchen as a method of relaxing, so I spend my weekends cooking big meals and invite friends and family to come to eat.

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Suzy Smallwood

Account Manager - Personal/Commercial Lines

I grew up in West Limestone, AL, and now reside in Athens, AL. I graduated in 2000 from West Limestone High School. While attending school, I also took a Culinary Arts class for 3 years. After graduating, I attended Calhoun Community College where I earned my Cosmetology Certi cate after passing my core requirements. I first familiarized myself with mortgage and auto insurance during the ve plus years I worked in the collections department of a local bank. While the majority of my business-oriented focus has always been toward providing exceptional customer service, I have recently found that passion to coincide directly with the insurance world. As of now, I primarily assist in managing our personal lines of insurance, notify our producers when our insured’s premium payments are due for all lines of insurance and strive to assist others in any way that I can. I love that Kilgro & Associates have limitless options when it comes to placing someone with great insurance coverage at an even better premium. I love knowing that I, however small, have a hand in keeping families from experiencing the struggles that mine did. The older I get, the more I appreciate soaking up the spontaneity of life. I’m talking…driving to the beach on a Friday night to catch the beautiful sunrise Saturday morning…cutting out on a Saturday morning to Memphis, TN for some amazing BBQ…or even something as simple as cruising to Little Sugar Creek by Mt Zion church where there is no cell phone service & the perfect place for my sons to wade in the water. There is something about those moments that make time stand still while putting life back in perspective. I love to sing! When I was 12, I was on a show called Nashville Starseek. Being on the show got me a front-page spread in the Lifestyles section of the News Courier newspaper too.  When I’m not working, my sons, husband, and I either take “mini” trips to somewhere new, visit landmarks in our state, or stay home, grill out and watch a family movie. My oldest son, Chris, has high-functioning Asperger’s Autism. Helping him has taught me unparalleled patience. It has also kindled a love for all children in my heart. If volunteer for the Special Needs Rodeo in Morgan County when I can and it is always a huge blessing! Seeing a child’s eyes light up with excitement and knowing that you helped create that moment is a priceless gift. Any wonderful cause that involves bettering the lives of children will forever have my undivided attention.

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Tonya Crowe

Associate Agent, Commercial/Personal Lines Specialist

I grew up in a very small town in South Alabama, Luverne. I attended and graduated from Luverne High School. I began my career as an insurance agent in 2018 and have LOVED it! My office provides insurance solutions for EVERY need. I am most excited when I can help a client identify what they need and nd the BEST value for that need. On a personal note, I most enjoy my children and my two granddaughters, Charlotte age 4, and Wrenley age 4 months. I often say that I know God has given us all “talents”, but I haven’t found mine yet! When away from the office you will most likely nd me at home or a ball game, depending on the season. I am a HUGE Alabama fan! We live for Saturdays in the fall. Every year our church will “adopt” children and we will purchase their Christmas wish list. This is always very dear to my heart as well as The Turkeys from Heaven. Every year there are 100’s of Turkeys and all the fixin’s cooked and delivered to families in need or who can’t leave their homes. We participate in this “giving” and it is truly a blessing to me and my family.

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Jill Noblin

Account Manager

I grew up in Luverne, AL, but I now live in Brantley, AL. I grew up a Luverne Tiger and my kids are Brantley Bulldogs. Those of you from our area know that’s a rivalry that could easily compare to Auburn and Alabama. My kids attend Brantley High School where I volunteer on the Parent Advisory Committee. I have been in the insurance industry for just over a year. I have really enjoyed learning and growing as an insurance agent. Up until recently, I was an Account Manager and Service Representative for Personal Line Business. I now work as the Account Manager and Service Representative for all farm accounts. The best part of my job is helping our clients. Helping a client and the insurance that best ts their needs with a premium that they can afford are truly rewarding. My favorite pass time is spending time with my family. Having all of our kids together at the same time and enjoying each other’s company, whether we are just hanging out at the house or spending a day on the beach, the time we spend together compare to nothing else. The occasional moments that I have time to myself, I can always be found at the beach, listening to the waves and soaking up the beautiful sun. Our kids are very active in extracurricular activities basketball, rec league baseball, travel baseball, City league football, Allstar football, cheering, and dance. So most days you can nd us on the farm or at the ball eld. And Sundays are spent at church with our church family!

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Stephanie Mattox

Business Manager

I moved to Decatur, AL at the age of five, and lived there until college. I attended Auburn University (War Eagle) and received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in the eld of accounting. This has been my first year of working full time in the insurance industry. It’s been challenging in the best way. It’s exciting to work with such an amazing group of professionals, focused on a common goal of offering exceptional customer service to our clients. I cannot stop talking about my kids! I have two sons and a daughter that keep life entertaining and full. Outside of that, I love to run and resistance train. I ran the New York City marathon in 2011. When I’m not working, you will almost always find me with my family! My husband and three children are the best part of any day. My husband and I are on the board of directors for Mision Vida Nueva, an orphanage in Guatemala. Their home is a refuge for the orphaned, abandoned, or abused and their mission is to empower God’s children to change the world. We are constantly in awe of the work that they do and it is an organization we are passionate about supporting.

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Tyler Kilgro

Associate Agent, Commercial Liability/Commercial Realty Specialist

I grew up in Decatur, AL. I graduated from Austin high school with honors, spent two years at Auburn University. I have 8 years of experience with commercial and personal lines insurance. The most exciting part of my job is knowing that I am making sure our clients are covered properly so that if there was to be an incident, they are having peace of mind with knowing they are not going to be left in the dark. Personally, I love to get in the kitchen and try new recipes and trying my luck at cooking competitions. I share my creations online and talk about food constantly. My guilty pleasure is enjoying time riding my vintage motorcycle when I have it running. Most weekends you can catch me with my lovely wife enjoying either a fabulous home-cooked meal or a nice dinner out with friends. I am a three-year sitting board member for the Greater Morgan County Homebuilders Association where we help the local community with giving to the building programs of the school systems and help promote local home builders and contractors. I also help start an annual BBQ cooking competition this year that helps raise funds for local non-pro t charities. I am involved with The Crewe of Chaos Mardi gras group where we help raise money for the local Arts program of Decatur AL.

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Blake McCulloch

Sales Manager, Agribusiness Specialist

I grew up in Decatur, Alabama. I’ve been an insurance agent since 2011. I love meeting new people and forming lasting relationships. I enjoy working on our land in my free time. I also enjoy playing golf. I’m likely to be on my tractor or on the golf course if I’m not working.

(256) 867-1769

Matt Kilgro

Associate Agent, Personal Lines Specialist

Grew up in Decatur, AL. Graduated in 2007 from Austin High School and attended Auburn University. Obtained my insurance license at age 19 and have 10 years of experience in the insurance eld. I particularly enjoy helping clients with their personal insurance needs. I thoroughly enjoy developing a relationship with my clients and learning their individual needs and goals. I gain immense satisfaction knowing my clients’ present and future well-being is secure. My personal interests span a fairly wide spectrum, but I particularly enjoy discussing theological questions, political happenings, anything about the outdoors, and SEC football (with a heavy bent towards the Auburn Tigers). I couldn’t survive this life without Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream. I also have a secret love of classical music and early 1900’s jazz/blues (Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, etc.). When I’m not working, I’m most likely with family. When weather permits, I prefer to be outside, no matter the activity.

(256) 770-7087

Dennis Crowe

Licensed Producer

I grew up south of Enterprise, Alabama in the Mount Pleasant community. I recently came on board the Kilgro Team. Previously, I spent 25 years in the US Army and Alabama National Guard. I’m very excited to build long-lasting relationships with my clients to ensure their needs are fully covered. I enjoy hunting and playing golf when I’m not farming or enjoying the grandkids.  I enjoy reading and listening to audiobooks while I’m driving. When I’m not at work, you can find me on the farm or playing with my grandkids.
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Sheyla Soto

Account Manager

I am from a small town called Beaver Dam, Kentucky. I moved to Alabama 7 years ago, where I graduated from Austin High School in 2019. A year later I started to work in the Insurance industry and have enjoyed helping others, especially our Hispanic Community. When I’m not at work, you will find me at home spending time with my family and friends or hiking the beautiful mountain of Alabama, it all depends on the season.

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