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Can Homeowners Insurance Be In Someone Else’s Name? – Decatur AL

This is Tonya Crow with Kilgro & Associates Insurance. I’m coming to you today with just a quick little tidbit of information. I recently took a call and had a question. Someone wanted to insure a home that was not deeded to them. They were not the homeowner but they were living there. They were doing an owner finance type situation but they were not the deeded owner of the home. In this case, they cannot ensure this home in their name because the deed is still in the other homeowner’s name, and so they have to be the one that ensures this property. They could be listed as an additional insured on the homeowner’s policy but they cannot insure the home in their name.
Now, in regards to their personal property that is inside the home, they would need what would be referred to as a renter’s policy. That provides coverage for their content or personal property that is inside the home so they would need to decide the value of their content and we would write a policy in their name at the particular property address. Then they would have that property insured, just not the structure of the home itself.
Hope this answered a question for you maybe that you’ve had, wondered about if you’re a renter or thinking about doing an owner finance situation for yourself. Just a little tidbit of information, and we will be coming back to you soon with more tidbits that maybe things that you didn’t know about insurance because you don’t know what you don’t know, right? Stay tuned and we’ll be back.

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